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Ivan Egorochkin

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Все сериалы на одном сайте
173 402 619 notifications sent
84 016 users registered
39 379 devices added
4 792 channels created

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For everyone
Free, no spam and ads notifications
We do not require users to pay for use and prohibit spam on channels
Get notifications from multiple sources
It could be a notification from a blog with a response to a comment, of products available in the online store, about a new video on YouTube and much more. You can receive notifications to Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari (even if you close your browser!), Telegram, Email.
Link to Google Account
Requires no extra registration confirmation email, login and password. One click - and you can use PushAll, if you do not have a Google account, we have a mail registration.
Full control
You can subscribe or unsubscribe from any channel in a single click, as well as filter notification keyword. All subscriptions are stored securely in the cloud, and you can manage them from any device.
How it works?

Notifications can be accepted in almost any browser on a PC, on iOS, Android, on Telegram or even on e-mail!
Do you need push-notifications?
Create a channel in the shared catalog!
You just create a channel, get a link to the channel and give it to your users. Next, you can send notifications via the control panel, or through the API. Everything else will be done by PushAll

Improve your audience's performance
Instant communication will allow you to accumulate your audience, increase the frequency of using your product, it is much easier to keep users than to find new ones.

You do not need to develop your own application, maintain the current device base
You save on the development, support of many desktop and mobile platforms, as well as a complex server part. To develop and maintain such an infrastructure will go several hundred thousand dollars a month

Optional source
The service will be useful for those who already have an application. PushAll has a very high conversion rate for installation and retention due to the large coverage of platforms and user interests. Give the user a choice - he decides himself
Benefits of push-notifications
Method Price of 1000 Availability Reaction
SMS $5 - $10 Devices with SIM 10-60 minutes
E-mail $0,5 - $1 Internet 1-163 hours
Push Free Internet 2-15 seconds

Comparison of PushAll with..
It is 1000 times more effective than Email mailings. Your message is seen right on the screen, not a month later in the folder "Spam"
Web Push
30 times more efficient Web Push services notifications. The user agrees to receive notices where he is comfortable, we are not so intrusive, we are flexible and comfortable for people.
5 times more efficient than your own mobile applications. In your application, only you are available - in our application the entire environment of the user is available, from news, to social networks and serials.

Unlimited notifications
FeaturesFree $10/monthMore than $300/month
Unlimited pushing to all platforms including browsers, iOS, Android, Telegram, Email. Placement in the general directory.
Statistics of your channel and individually for each notification.
Ability to hide the tape. Full API for distribution to all users, list or individually, getting a list of users and working with statistics
Welcome note. Widgets for a site or blog.
Work without a site - a subscription through an individual link of the channel, which can be placed anywhere, you can even send it in a paper letter or place on your vesitka. The
Placing a large image in the notification. Insert two additional buttons under the notification. Support Emoji. Sending any links to go (even a phone number)
The ability to bind a user to your infrastructure via the Callback URL. Subscription / unsubscription alerts.
PushAll OAuth - authorization via PushAll on your site.
Automation via RSS and VK
Alphabetic address instead of number
Personalization of the owner
Custom welcome-push
Speed push per seconds10050010k+
Multithreading sending
Even at a free, the maximum sending delay is 10 seconds
For your subscribers, everything is free, tariffs are for channel owners only
Push уведомления - это небольшие всплывающие окна на экране вашего устройства. Они могут появляться на экране любого устройства, где есть область оповещений, или есть возможность вывода на экран данных принятых из сети Интернет. Подробнее
В статье рассказывается о том, как создать канал, настроить интеграцию RSS/VK ленты, рассылать оповещения, набрать подписчиков и как использовать платные функции. Также объясняется работа системы меценатов. Подробнее
How to receive a notification?
Browser Push Notifications
WebPush in Chrome (PC, Android), Yandex, Firefox, Safari without installing extensions in one click.      Notifications come with a closed tab, and in case the user was offline, messages will come to him when the browser is opened.
Applications and Add-on
We have a Chrome add-on that lets you receive notifications and view history. There is also an app for Android and iOS (iOS can't get notifications via browser!)
Email, Telegram and SocketPush
Adding multiple Emails and setting the frequency of receipt.      Receive notifications in Telegram without installing unnecessary applications on any platform.      If the ports are blocked at work - you can temporarily turn on SocketPush and receive notifications when the tab is open.

Методы отправки
Используйте запросы из ваших скриптов, чтобы отправлять push-уведомления с вашего сайта и получать статистику.
Интегрируйте уведомления в ваше решение за пару минут.
Отправляйте уведомления через личный кабинет и следите за статистикой вручную без знаний программирования или веб-сайта.
Мгновенная связь с вашей новой аудиторией с нуля.
Привяжите вашу ленту сайта или социальной сети при помощи RSS или встроенного обработчика групп VK.
Простейшая интеграция без единой строчки кода.

Удобный API
Отправка уведомлений может производиться как вручную через сайт, так и через POST и GET запросы.
  • Self API - себе самому
  • Broadcast - всем подписчикам
  • Unicast - отдельному пользователю
  • Multicast - рассылка группе людей
  • ShowList - сбор статистики и просмотр подписчиков
Подробная полная документация
Готовые плагины и библиотеки
Где можно это использовать?
Стартап, блог, форум, интернет магазин.
Вам больше не нужно ждать пока пользователь проверит почту, не нужно покупать услугу СМС-уведомлений.
Путем простейшей интеграции в ваш продукт, вы сможете рассылать оповещения мгновенно и бесплатно.

Youtube или Twitch канал
Соберите всю свою аудиторию за пару секунд. Получите мгновенные просмотры на YouTube и высокий Online в Twitch

Мониторинг собственных разработок
Мгновенное информирование о сбоях важно при решении проблем.
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